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4 Steps to Prevent Disaster in Your Hiring Process

4 Steps to Prevent Disaster in Your Hiring ProcessPrepared, Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters.The 2019 theme for Septembers National Preparedness Month doesnt apply solely to preparing your workforce for natural disasters. Hiring pros must also consider the unexpected what ifs. Issues such as scheduling conflicts, candidate ghosting, technology glitches, and disruptive weather conditions all result in hiring process turmoil if youre not prepared. Major challenges like these can be handled effectively with the appropriate proactive steps.It is not always possible to prevent adversity in the hiring process no matter how well you prepare your gruppe. However, with these four steps you can proactively handle any hiring process challenge and keep your team on track1. Identify challenges that have impacted your hiring team previouslyTalent acquisition is already a challenge for the majority of companies, according to Mercer Mettls 2019 State of Talent Acquisition report. This makes it eas ier for unexpected complications to completely derail your hiring process.Devising a strategic plan begins with acknowledging your teams current hiring challenges. You must understand what techniques your hiring team employs when facing struggles and the impact of overcoming past obstacles. Their direct input and experience are invaluable to creating a strategy to keep your hiring process moving along smoothly.Brainstorm with your team to create a list of plausible obstacles that could impact your hiring process. This list should include challenges great and small. Also, dig into what theyre afraid might happen based on issues such as the markets current financial state. Compare these roadblocks and fears with concrete analytics. Where their concerns align with poor hiring metric outcomes reveals the best place to start planning proactive strategies for prevention and recovery should something go amiss.2. Survey employees to understand their experiences in your hiring processA recen t CareerBuilder survey found nearly 10 percent of employees have left a company because of a poor new hire experience. Additionally, many candidates accept an offer but didnt make it to the new hire phase. And just over 50 percent reported looking for other jobs after an offer welches extended and the background check was in process.Your current employees accepted your job offer and for good cause but that doesnt mean their entire candidate experience was positive. Send short, to-the-point surveys to employees to discover any hang-ups that negatively impacted their experience as candidates with your company. Try to be specific about the insight you wish to gain but leave questions open-ended.Was there any part of the application process that made you consider exiting? Please explain.If you wouldnt have accepted the job offer, why might that have been?What was your least favorite part of our companys hiring process?Please share one thing youd do to enhance the candidate experience. If your data reveals an employee had a poor candidate experience, zero in on the cause to determine if they had a unique or unusual experience due to an unexpected hiring process hangup. For example, was their offer delayed because a hiring manager quit during the hiring process? Did flooding or a blizzard prevent them from making it to the interview and it was challenging to reschedule? Maybe their interviewer was clearly sick and it was a major distraction?Use survey and follow-up answers to identify specifically where your team needs help preparing for the unexpected. For example, if internal data shows employees considered dropping out of the hiring process while struggling to complete the mobile application process and it coincides with your system crashing, you know your team needs a plan to support applicants when technology suddenly fails them.Your employees know hiringprocess woes just as much or more than your hiringteam.Click To Tweet3. Make a step-by-step plan for variou s obstacles your hiring team could facePreventing panic when something doesnt go as planned is a tough job. The best place to start is establishing clear communication with your team. When initial plans fail, your team knows they have a next step ready and waiting.After analyzing where your team is most susceptible to error, create a step-by-step guide for each potential hiring process obstacle. For example, when unexpected bad weather hits, candidates and hiring pros could miss scheduled interviews. Moving hiring timelines back is intimidating for many hiring pros, especially in the current state of the job market.Offer live video interviews as the next guided step to keep the process streamlined and moving. Be koranvers to use an interview scheduling tool to allow candidates to effortlessly reschedule based on your calendar availability.Create a step-by-step guide for each potential hiringprocess hang-up.Click To Tweet4. Teach your team best practices for preventing adversity in t he hiring processComplications in the hiring process are most easily preventable when teams understand your companys best practices. Aligning their everyday processes with your standards ensures your team is working as efficiently as possible.Above all, following best practices gives your team confidence in your hiring process. Occasionally and, unfortunately, inevitably adversity will arise. However, if everyone follows through with proactive measures and subsequent backup plans, the effects wont be nearly as harmful to your brands image and growth.

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Do You Still Need to Send a Thank-You Note After a Job Interview

Do You Still Need to Send a Thank-You Note After a Job InterviewDo You Still Need to Send a Thank-You Note After a Job Interview2Many best practices of the job search have evolved in the digital era, from how to contact recruiters and identify open positions, to how to craft and submit resumes.While it used to be standard after completing a job bewerbungsinterview to send a thank-you musiknote (via snail mail) to each part you met on the hiring committee, its less clear today whether this step is still mandatory. It can also be confusing to figure out the specific protocol around post-interview thank-you notes and other forms of communication with a prospective employer.Lets go over some of the latest recommendations in this area, including current advice on which format is best for thank-you notes between email, social media, texting, or paper mail.To send or not to send?Even though only a quarter of applicants send thank-you notes after an interview, 80%of HR managers feel they are useful in helping them evaluate candidates, according to a survey by Accountemps. Thats likely a major reason why the general consensus among the business community is that thank-you notes are still an essential part of the job search.Monster.comcalls the practice of sending thank-you notes after job interviews an important part of any job-hunting strategy, emphasizing that ansicht critical communications can add a positive impression to an already positive connection. The Balancestates that the need to send a thank-you note to your interviewers hasnt changed, since it gives you a chance to express your appreciation for the opportunity of meeting with them.And Romy Newman, president and cofounder of Fairygodboss, says that the answer is unequivocally YES. You should most definitely send a thank-you note, adding that she simply would not hire anyone who doesnt send a thank-you note following the interview. The Musesuggests that a well-written thank-you note can help tip the balance when the competition is particularly stiff, such as when you know youre being compared with one specific candidate who has similar credentials.When you send it matters.Now that you know thank-you notes are a job-search imperative, its time to figure out the best way to send them. Time is definitely of the essence when getting your thank-you notes out the door. Hiring decisions can happen quickly, so waiting too long to send your note can render it irrelevant and defeat its purpose. Its a great practice to craft thank-you notes as soon as you return home from your interview (or right after you get off the phone), and be sure to click send on your email within 24 hours of your meeting with the hiring committee. Your goal is to remain fresh on your interviewers minds during the window of time that theyre thinking about their hiring decision.How you send it matters.In surveying advice from a sortiment of career experts, its clear that theres some leeway here, though the type of company you met with can help guide your choice of delivery method. While mailing a handwritten or typed letter used to be expected, the Accountemps survey mentioned above found that the vast majority of HR managers agree its perfectly appropriate to send a thank-you note via email. (And in fact, just under two-thirds of the thank-you notes they receive- 65%- arrive in their email inbox rather than their mailbox.)Some companies, though, are more traditional and formal. If this is the case with the organization that interviewed you, then you may score extra protocol points for mailing your thank-you note. Even if you have contact info to text or reach people on the hiring team via social media, dont use these methods to send thank-you notes. They are too informal and could be seen by recruiters as overly familiar contact methods for job candidates.What you send matters.With logistics determined, now its time to get down to brass tacks making what you say in your thank-you note as effective a nd meaningful as possible, while avoiding possible faux pas. A short and sweet approach is best- the main objective of your communication should be to stay top of mind with the recipient by thanking him or her for the opportunity to meet, while reiterating your interest in the job. You can also briefly hammer home the point that you feel your background and skill set make you the ideal candidate for the specific position and company.Be sure to proofread your message very carefully one misspelling or typo at this stage can turn your savvy strategy into a red flag that steers the hiring manager in another direction. Also, while youre undoubtedly curious about the salary, the thank-you note is the wrong vehicle to ask about such details. Wait until you have a job offer in hand before bringing up benefits. And if you met with more than one person on a team, be sure to tailor individual notes to each person rather than trying to save time with a single message.As you can see, the thank-y ou note is still a step that you shouldnt skip in your job search process- and you should carefully think through the details of when, how, and what you send rather than hastily dashing something off. By putting some energy into this process at a time you might feel like relaxing post-interview, you just might help your application rise to the top of the heap.

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Guide to Negotiating the Best Compensation Package

Guide to Negotiating the Best Compensation PackageGuide to Negotiating the Best Compensation PackageYour Guide to Negotiating the Best Compensation PackageKnowing how to negotiate can make this conversation much less awkward.Negotiations of all kinds can rank among the most stressful conversations you can have in your lifetime. Negotiating a compensation package is no different. A part of the reason for this is that negotiations can be inherently adversarial. Aleidher factor that contributes to the stress and the pressure is that we are not taught how to negotiate salary. Many professionals dont have the skills to keep the compensation discussion constructive and moving forward. Some are afraid to compromise an opportunity by appearing to be greedy.The good news is that negotiating is a skill like any other. You can learn it through practice, reflection, and more practice no different than riding a bike, swimming, or typing. Here is your primer to negotiating a compensation package for your next job.1. Make sure your negotiating points are reasonable and well-supportedComing into the conversation with clarity on your personal best-case outcome will help you judge progress and steer the negotiation. By all means, ask for what you want and need, but be certain that your requests are reasonable and well-supported. Look at the average market salary for similar positions, consider your own salary track record, and think through the ROI and the impact you will have on the employers business. Numbers pulled out of thin air are likely to get shot down. Numbers backed up by research have a gunst der stunde to stand.2. Try to avoid negotiating with HRThat may or may not be possible in your case, but my advice is to negotiate directly with your future boss if you can. Quantifying the value you will add as an employee is much easier if you are dealing with concrete examples, and no one has a better understanding of desired improvements and impact than your future manager. 3. Be clear on your absolute minimumJust as you have considered the best-case scenario, think through the point of no return. Most professionals have a non-negotiable minimum package, and wont consider opportunities below that level of compensation. Be clear on what your acceptable minimum looks like.4. Have a strategy for dealing with counteroffersIt is not unusual for the compensation negotiations to go back and forth several times until an acceptable compromise is reached. If the company comes back with a counteroffer that addresses your major must-haves take it. Haggling on minor points may not be worth compromising an opportunity.If some of your critical compensation components are not in the companys first counteroffer, present your own counteroffer. Aim it to land somewhere between your original offer and the companys first counteroffer. Keep your non-negotiables, and consider compromising on other points.5. Remember that prolonged haggling over little details is a bad signIf the ping-pong of counteroffers is going on for an extended period of time, take that as an early sign of what it will be like to work at that company. Consider a big-picture look at the most recent version of the offer. If it does not include the points that are critical for you after several rounds of back and forth, perhaps its time to pursue other opportunities. If you are fighting over minor details to make a point, you are schauplatz yourself up for an adversarial relationship with the company.6. Your goal is to get an agreement that has both parties thrilled to begin working togetherRemember that the negotiation is not about one party getting the upper hand. Its about finding an arrangement that makes the company and the candidate happy to begin working together.Sometimes, negotiations on the base salary and bonus can lead you to a dead end. Maybe the company loves your candidacy but genuinely does not have the budget to pay you more right now. Remember that the overall compe nsation package is bigger than just your base salary and bonus Here are some ideas on valuable components you can incorporate into your negotiation package.Job titleLets face it, Client Relations Manager sounds better than Customer Service Representative. Consider the existing structure of the department, and research industry practices before you propose changing the position title. If you can, present it as a benefit for the company after all, your title will affect your interactions with customers, and through that their experience with the company. Guaranteed severance packageIn an uncertain economy, having a guaranteed severance package at the start of the job has value. This is particularly relevant if the company or the industry you are considering is in distress.Additional vacation daysA company may not be able to budge on your salary, but how about adding a week of vacation to your package? Paid vacation days have value, too.Clothing stipendYou can make a good argument for this if you will have a client-facing role where you will be expected to have a rotation of nice suits. You would want to represent the company in the best possible way, and looking nice is a big part of your professional image.Child care expense reimbursement or subsidyMany companies offer child care subsidies and even affiliated child-care facilities.Commute reimbursementIf the position will require driving or taking public transportation, ask for a full or partial reimbursement. Mileage, gas costs, or monthly pass expenses can all be valid ways to calculate your expense.Housing subsidyThis is rare, but if your position requires many late nights, you may consider asking the employer to help pay for a hotel room or a corporate apartment. Having a place near the office to rest and take ashower can go a long way towards your productivity the next dayYour own officeThere is a world of a difference between working in a cubicle under fluorescent lights, and having an office with a wind ow that lets in the sun. You may not get a brand new gorgeous corner office, but anything that helps create a better working environment for you is a win.Continuing education expense reimbursementYour employer would want for you to continue your professional development for the benefit of the company and its customers. Formal continuing education, including CE courses, an advanced degree, and license renewals all contribute to your ability to grow as a professional.CoachingThis is a newer addition to the possible perks, but professionals in many industries have used it with great results. Consider negotiating an allowance to use towards professional coaching as you step into your new role. A great coach can shorten your learning curve, help you create a professional network that gets things done, and support you in getting up to speed and becoming effective and productive quicker.Flexible scheduling/telecommuting/working from homeIn this age of technology, you can set up a virtual o ffice anywhere as long as you have a cell phone, a laptop, and a WiFi connection. Consider presenting your track record of productivity and effective teamwork while working remotely for best results.Earlier compensation reviewSometimes, your hiring manager might be limited in what he can offer a new hire, but he can be open to an accelerated performance review schedule. By negotiating the option of a performance and compensation review after your first 6 months on the job, you get a performance-based opportunity for a pay bump, and the company gets the benefit of paying for proven performance.Better equipmentWhatever tools of the trade you use, a better computer or software package can make a difference in how productive you are during your workday. If equipment matters to you (and it usually does), consider asking for an upgrade.As with all compensation-related negotiations, remember the tax implications Just because something is not coming to you in the form of cash does not mean its not taxable. When in doubt, talk to a trusted CPA.One final piece of advice for negotiating your salaryDont agree to anything that you wont be happy with in the long run. It is better to walk away from a negotiation than to accept a compromise that leaves you disgruntled before you start the job.Click on the following link for more negotiation advice.Your resume is one of your most valuable career tools. See how yours measures up, with our free critique.Recommended ReadingHow to Choose Between Job OffersPhrases You Should Never Use During Job Offer Salary NegotiationHow to Handle the Dreaded Salary Interview Question

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Replace Your Resume Objective With a Personal Brand Statement

Replace Your Resume Objective With a Personal Brand StatementReplace Your Resume Objective With a Personal Brand StatementIf your application includes a resume objective statement, its time to update your materials. Savvy job seekers should ditch old-fashioned resume objectives in favor of a more modern, absatzwirtschaft-driven personal brand statement. Why? Because when a hiring manager has received your resume, he or she is intelligent enough to know that your objective is to fill an open sttte. What he or she might not know is what sets you apart from all the other people who have the same objective. Think about this analogy Product marketing shows how one widget stands out from its competitors. It is all about differentiation, which might stem from a feature, color or function. Likewise, personal marketing and branding is all about showing what is unique about you and the value you bring. It is fair to assume that all serious candidates for any given position will share common ba ckgrounds. Your challenge, and the purpose of a resume, is to sell yourself by focusing on the facts of your individual history and attainments. There are likely lots of people who have had similar jobs and titles as you but only you have your unique story to tell based on your career trajectory, the companies youve worked for and the challenges youve beat. An effective resume will clearly explain what makes you a better fit than other job seekers. The best resume template for todays job market includes a compelling personal brand statement right at the top. Replacing the Resume ObjectiveIn the old days, candidates thought a lot about how to write an objective for a resume. A good objective for a resume used to look like this Accomplished insert your role seeking a new opportunity at insert the type of organization to which you are applying, where I can apply my passion for insert topic and my professional experience to gain job satisfaction and upward mobility.Previously, that int roduction took the prime resume real estate right under your name and contact information. Today, reserve that spot for your personal brand statement. Crafting a Killer Brand Statement A personal brand statement should be brief, no longer than four or five lines. Set it apart with a headline and italics and align it with the center of the page. The text should provide details about why youre different from your competition. Dont waste space explaining why you want the job. Instead, demonstrate why you will bring more value to it than every other wannabe.Successful personal brand statements Can the babble. Use carefully selected keywords. Show how you are the solution to an employers problem. Present the facts. Can the babble. When you use stock phrases and business jargon like results-oriented, go-getter, dependable or people-person, you make yourself sound just like everyone else. Use this test to screen for tired language Would anyone claim to be anything opposite of how youre sel ling yourself? Who would fess up on their resume to being a lackadaisical, undependable human who doesnt like other people?Carefully select keywords and use them. Tailor your resume to each position for which you are applying by carefully selecting keywords from the target job ad and using them in your statement. This way, you will be seen as a match by applicant tracking systems and recruiters looking for ansicht words on winning resumes. Back up your assertions in your resume. Be sure that claims made in your brand statement are supported by the details you supply in points listed below each of your previous positions. It is often helpful to wait to write the brand statement until you finish the rest of the resume. Then you can select key elements to highlight at the top of the document.Show how you are the solution to an employers problem. Employers only hire people to fix problems. When something that needs to happen isnt happening or isnt happening the right way, companies post job ads. When you see a job description, read between the lines to figure out what is really going on. What is the overall purpose of the job? What problems will the new hire need to fix? Use your brand statement to reference what youve gleaned. For example, if an employer is hiring a product manager to enhance its line of product offerings, and you have past success in this area, you might say something like Im accustomed to stewarding new widgets to market on time and with record-breaking sales.Present the facts. Use simple declarative sentences, like in these personal brand statement examples Reduced expenses by $X and Y percent over Z years. Conceived and led new initiatives to do A, B and C. Supervised a department of X employees.When you present a compelling overview of who you are, how you differ from your competition and the value you bring with you, you are sure to gain the full attention of a hiring manager and earn his or her consideration for all the other informatio n you present in your resume.Happy hunting

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Life doesnt reward you for what you know, but for what you do

Life doesnt reward you for what you know, but for what you doLife doesnt reward you for what you know, but for what you doMost people have adapted to consuming low-level information on the web. This is the equivalent of filling your car with water or eating McDonalds every meal.In the documentary film, Super Size Me, 32-year-old Morgan Spurlock goes 30 consecutive days (from February 1 to March 2, 2003) only eating McDonalds food. The film documents this lifestyles drastic effect on Spurlocks physical and psychological well-being.During this 30-day period, Spurlock ate at McDonalds three times per day, eating every item on the menu at least once. Spurlock consumed an average of 5,000 calories per day during the experiment, more than double the recommended amount for a healthy man his age. As a result, Spurlock gained 24 pounds, a 13% body mass increase, increased his cholesterol to 230 mg/dL (6.0 mmol/L), and experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation in his li ver.One of the components of Spurlocks experiment welches that every time he was asked the question, Do you want to Super Size that? he was required to say yes. Super-sizing means that the soda and french fries went from large to extra-extra large.When it comes to the internet, Super-sizing is the equivalent of going from one distractive link to the next to the next to the next to the next. What originally was intended to be a quick check of the email or Facebook has now turned into a subconscious self-sabotage. The body has taken over the mind and is seeking its dopamine refuel, of which it has developed an incredibly high tolerance.It took Spurlock fourteen months to lose all the weight gained during this 30-day experiment. And he had to eat extremely clean to reclaim his health.For most people who are caught in the addiction-loop of consuming low-quality information, it will take years to transform their brains into a state where they can truly think clearly and powerfully. It wi ll take years of consistent positive decisions and calculated inputs to develop the thinking and decision-making capacity they are capable of.Most people will remain stuckverzierung on the fast-food diet of internet information consumption - getting fatter and more unhealthy mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The environment is becoming so dopamine-rich that it is nearly impossible for people to pull themselves from the addiction.Heres the truly sad part most people intuitively know that sitting on the internet all day is bad for their brain, mind, spirit, and body. But knowledge is weak. Knowledge is good for nothing unless it is put into practice. Hence, Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.To learn is to change what you doTo learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to kno w. - Dr. Stephen CoveyIf you are still producing the same results, you havent actually learned something. It doesnt matter how much information you consume. It doesnt matter how many books you read.True learning requires the ability to consistently produce new and better results. If your mindset, perspective, and behavior havent changed, then you havent truly learned. As Albert Einstein has said, The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.You can have all the knowledge in the world and yet remain unintelligent. Intelligence involves continually learning new things, which requires that you change how you operate in the world. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, The hardest part about change is not making the same choices you made the day before.It really doesnt matter what you know it matters what you do. Surprise yourself and the people around you.Instead of mindlessly distracting yourself with low-level information, make a better decision.Instead of operating at a low emotiona l level in your relationships, be more giving, caring, and loving. Go out of your way to make your loved ones feel special. Watch what happens to the emotional energy of your environment.Imagination is more powerful than knowledgeImagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. - Albert EinsteinKnowledge can keep you stuck in the past. Knowledge can keep you limited to what you think is possible. Imagination allows you to think outside the box of your current and highly limited worldview.The most influential and intelligent people in the world were also the most imaginative. They have a einbildung way beyond their current level of knowledge and ability. Their vision provided the direction for what types of knowledge they should develop. Their vision provided the conviction to truly learn - which meant they were willing to transfor m themselves into the type of person who could bring their vision to life.Do you emphasize knowledge?Do you believe you must have all the answers?How imaginative are you?How grand and compelling is your vision for yourself and the future?How excited are you to get up and embrace learning and change every day?Your level of conviction for daily learning is reflective of the power of your imagination. If your imagination is weak, then you probably arent learning very much.Creativity is more important than experienceKnowledge comes from the past, so its safe. It is also out of date. Its the opposite of originality. Experience is built from solutions to old situations and problems. This is lazy. Experience is the opposite of being creative. If you can prove youre right youre set in concrete. You cannot move with the times or with other people. Your mind is closed. You are not open to new ideas. - Paul ArdenExperience is based on what you did or learned in the past. What we need from you right now are creative solutions for the present and the future. Dont tell me what you did yesterday. Tell me what youre working on today.What are you creating right now?How are your pushing your own limits?Are you relying too heavily on past experience?Are you stuck in old ways of thinking?Are you trying new things?Are you evolving?Are you stuck?Never have too much to lose that you stop being recklessHeres to the crazy ones. - Rob SiltanenIn the science fiction novel, Enders Game, Ender is an 11-year-old genius who is trained to save the world from an alien species. He is led to believe that his training is in the form of simulation games. However, after the final test, Ender learns that the simulations were actually real battles that he was commanding. Ender became a war hero without even realizing what he was truly doing.He had many questions. One of them was why the military needed a child to command the armies. Mazer Rackham, his mentor and teacher explainedAnd it had to be a c hild, Ender. You were faster than me. Better than me. I was too old and cautious. Any decent person who knows what warfare is can never go into battle with a whole heart. But you didnt know. We made sure you didnt know. You were reckless and brilliant and young. Its what you were born for.Theres a problematic shift that happens to many successful and creative people. Eventually, their creative well dries up. They get out of the habit of doing and creating and shift to passively accumulating information or accolades.They become far more calculated in every decision they make. They stop being iterative, failing, changing, learning, and being imaginative. They begin relying far too heavily on their prior knowledge and experience. At some point, they reach a cap on what they are interested in learning, because true learning involves risk.The risk of learning is that you might have to completely change who you are and what youre doing as a result of what youve learned. Yet, when youve re ached some level of success or experience, you dont want to change. You dont want to lose everything youve gained.And this ends up being the beginning of your inevitable downfall. This is the reason author Greg McKeown said, Success is a catalyst for failure.The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. If youre not changing and evolving, youre relying too heavily on knowledge rather than imagination. Youre relying too heavily on experience rather than creativity.Youre stuck in the past. Youre living out a predictable life. And predictability is nowhere to be found in courage and creativity. As Sir Ken Robinson said, If youre not prepared to be wrong, youll never come up with anything original. Seth Godin similarly said, If youre willing to do something that might not work, youre closer to becoming an artist.Allow your success and experience to propel greater imagination and creativity. Allow your knowledge to spark new and better behaviors and solutions which lead that know ledge to be replaced with better knowledge.It doesnt matter how long it takes if you create something truly remarkableIf a thing is done well, no one will ask how long it took to do it, but only, who did it. - John TaylorWhat are you currently creating?Is what youre creating the best you could possibly do?Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of several books. Ive had the privilege of being taught and mentored by him. He helped me with the development and writing of my recent book, Willpower Doesnt Work. What I appreciate about Ryan, more than anything else, is his insistence that I continually produce higher and higher quality work.You can do much better than this, is the compliment Ryan would often give me when reviewing my work.When it comes to creative work, quantity is often the path to quality. Even still, with everything you create, you should be putting your absolute best in. Dont create something just to get it done. Actually push yourself beyond your own boundaries.Richar d Paul Evans has written 37 New York Times bestselling novels. When Evans was a young writer, he met the award-winning novelist, Mary Higgins Clark. She gave Evans this advice Every book I write is my best book Ive ever written.Evans never forgot that advice. In his own words, So from that day forward, when I sit down to write a book I go in with that mentality that this book is going to be better than the last and its going to be the best book I can write. This mentality is how you go on to write 37 NYT bestsellers.Several months ago, I had dinner with Alice Cooper, thanks to super-connector Joe Polish. While at dinner, I asked Alice what kept him writing music after all of these years. Heres what he said If I didnt believe my best song was still in me, I wouldnt be writing.If you make something truly brilliant and amazing, people wont care how long it took you to do. Theyll only ask Who did this?Conclusion Youre not rewarded for what you know, but for what you createDont think. Yo u already know what you have to do, and you know how to do it. Whats stopping you? - Tim GroverYoure not rewarded in life for what you know. Youre rewarded for what you do. Even more, youre rewarded for what you create.You could have a head full of really good ideas. But if you execute on none of them, youll have a life full of regrets.You could have all the intentions in the world to be a good friend, spouse, or parent. But if you fail to change your behavior, youll never be the person you could have been. Youll have let down those who needed you most.It doesnt matter what you know you should do, or believe you should do. It doesnt even matter what your greatest dreams, visions, and imaginations hold if you do nothing about them.You need to act.You need to create. Create and create some more. Because when you create, you are forced to really learn. Ive never learned more about a subject than when I was writing a book on the topic. Ive learned more about parenting by taking on three foster children than I could by mindlessly browsing the internet or even reading books. When you learn through experience and toward goals, you learn with the purpose of immediate application.You learn through doing.Develop a powerful vision and use that vision to guide true learning - which is far different than acquiring knowledge. True learning requires transformation. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. Living with intention and creation is how you truly live.Ready to upgrade?Ive created a cheat sheet for putting yourself into a PEAK-STATE, immediately. You follow this daily, your life will change very quickly.Get the cheat sheet hereThispostfirst appeared on Medium.

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5 Tips for Writing a PPP Federal Resume for BRAC Affected Federal Workers

5 Tips for Writing a PPP Federal Resume for BRAC Affected Federal Workers5 Tips for Writing a PPP Federal Resume for BRAC Affected Federal Workers5 Tips for Writing a PPP Federal Resume for BRAC Affected Federal WorkersFor federal workers affected by Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC), the Priority Placement Program (PPP) provides career transition assistance. The PPP is a 45-year old career transition assistance service that retains and reassigns federal workers to relevant positions if a worker is unable to relocate to a new agency location or the position is eliminated. The PPP has proven effective and has placed more than 250,000 federal employees to date. The PPP human resources specialists will review your resume, qualifications, specialized experience KSAs, vorkaufsrecht codes, grade and series to assist with career transition.Many BRAC-affected Department of Defense (DOD) workers send their resumes to the PPP to help land a new federal position. This resume, needed for the PP O service, is similar to the USAJOBS federal resume, but there are distinct differences. The tips below will help you maximize the services of the PPP human resources specialist in locating a position for you.1. Study Chapter 10 of the DOD PPP Operations Manual (1998). Determine the match between your occupational series and the option codes. Option codes are used for registration for the PPP, to more specifically define qualifications and help clarify job requirements.Your PPP federal resume needs to demonstrate specialized skills in 2 or 3 occupational series for which you are qualified. This will ensure that your PPP counselor and panelist can help you land a new federal position that you will be qualified for, while utilizing your experience and qualifications.View Chapter 10 of the DOD PPP Operations Manual.2. Write a statement of objective on your PPP Federal Resume. The statement of objective listed below is an example of an individual who was classified as an Electronic Tech nician, but performed IT Specialist duties for many years. He was successful in landing an IT specialist position through the PPP.CAREER OBJECTIVES Information Technology Specialist (Customer Services, Networking, Application Systems), GS-2210-11 OR Electronic Technician GS-0856/0802-11. PPP Skills Options Codes include CSP, NET, ASW. Competencies include Customer Service, Interpersonal Skills, Team Lead, Problem-Solving and Technical Competencies.3. Find the classification voreingestellt used by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for your occupational series. Identify keywords in OPMs classification standard that can be used to write your federal resume duties and responsibilities sections.4. Add accomplishments to demonstrate you have specific experiences and competencies. The accomplishments will help the PPP human resources specialists understand the complexity and level of your experience and provide them the information they need to select your next position.5. Format th e PPP federal resume for a human resources specialist not an automated system. Your resume for PPP can be a printed, formatted resume. It can include bold type, underlines, indentations and bullets so it is easy to read, but dont overdo it. Use at least 11 point font. There is no particular length for the PPP federal resume, but it is recommended to keep the length between four to six pages.Your PPP federal resume is important for your next career move following BRAC. Follow these tips, so your resume will stand out and result in a position referred from the PPP.View general PPP information.

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The Hidden Facts About Monster Description Generator Uncovered by an Old Pro

The Hidden Facts About Monster Description Generator Uncovered by an Old Pro Its almost always a very good concept to get started to your real anthroponym, nickname or brand and add a few prefixes or suffixes. As you consider names, generate lots of random words and find out how they impact what youve already come up with. Theyd ALWAYS utilize Valloric rather than hte selected template. This will continue to keep your map compact and simple to review since you will be capable of seeing your most important ideas at a glance. Anotlageher notable advantage of the membership card is it provides the holder an opportunity to develop into a super Moshi. If youre an auto holder, youll be in a position to have access to all the characteristics that have been designate to membership only. You also have the choice of picking words that only start with a specific letter, only end with a specific letter or only begin and end with certain letters. Take a look at the following links to begi n looking for exciting job positions in your region. The History of Monster Description Generator Refuted Based on your industry and your products, there are particular niche buyer persona questions that are important for your business to reply. Possessing a work description is helpful to the employer, job seeker, and the employee in numerous ways. This Maintenance Manager sample job description can be utilised to help you make a work advert that will draw in candidates that are qualified for the job. Dont hesitate to revise this job description to fulfill your precise job duties and job requirements. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Monster Description Generator After providing the animals, you would love to randomize, indicate the quantity of animals you would like to have from the randomized list to provide you with the new list. Possessing a description ready or having the ability to think of one can be handy. Its essential and significant since its unbiased in contrast to when selecting the list all on your own because you can be biased related to the type of animals youre conversant. You also have the alternative of selecting the variety of syllables of the words or the term length of the randomized words. The Basic Principles of Monster Description Generator You Can Learn From Starting Right Away Inputting unique words you might not have considered can spark extra creativity to eventually help you produce the ideal name for your undertaking. With the assistance of these currencies, players may buy any sort of resources that they need to as they advance further and further within this game. After successful customizing their desire pet, the children can participate in the everyday puzzles or learn more about the city. All you need to do is add artwork Enjoy Moshi monster is among the leading websites that manage children games. Its a literary masterpiece. This poem is regarded as one of the most significant works of literature today. The Little-Known Secrets to Monster Description Generator Our website is currently available via SSL, so nobody else can see your names if you dont share them. Dont hesitate to use the links below to skip to a certain section. Click the world to utilize it, select the language file. Doubled (or more) the variety of elements in every single category and added links to the majority of the art styles. After you add a spell, it will enter the box below. If you need assistance completing a section, click the button to show the instructions. A couple more button presses and youll have your pokedex filled out in virtually no time To begin, simply click the button to produce a random description. Theres generally not much I can do in order to allow you to find these games to get the job done. The database about Monster Legends that everyone can edit Plus, developing a template is easy and absolutely free. All you need to do is click on the Start Making My Persona button, and itl l ask you a succession of questions regarding your perfect customer. Theres no limit about how many child branches or hierarchical levels youll be able to create. These lipid layers comprise of several fatty acid building blocks. It is a rather significant step in protein synthesis. Chlorophylls are liable for trapping the light energy from sunlight. The Awful Side of Monster Description Generator The random animal generator will offer you a free and reasonable collection of animals. It is possible to indicate your precise species, or only a general type if your private furry doesnt fit into a particular species. Whenever possible, the individual or persons accountable for the invention of a particular monster are listed in parentheses near the monster they created. In this section lie the many sources of monsters.